About Our Booster Club...

The Guthrie Center Booster Club has been instrumental in donating money in a number of ways to benefit the school district and community.  In the 2017-2018 school year alone, the Booster Club donated more than $70,000 to support various activities and programs at both elementary schools, middle school, and high school.


How does the Booster Club raise their money?

A major fundraiser for us is from the proceeds from our concession stand.  As we appreciate many of you patronizing the concession stand to keep our support of the school district thriving, we are in need of manpower.  We depend on you to help us by volunteering your time to serve in the concession stand.  In order to keep the quality reputation we have developed, help from our community members is essential.  As elected officers of the Booster Club, we are asking you to consider offering your time to help us continue this tradition.  We thank you in advance for your time and hope to hear from you soon. 


What has the Booster Club contributed to our school?


  • AC/GC tablecovers 
  • AC and GC Elementary classroom books
  • HS Teacher conference meal
  • GC Elementary Guided Reading program materials
  • AC fitness center weight room repair
  • HS Volleyball net system
  • Senior scholarships
  • after prom donations
  • various area fundraiser donations
  • AC youth basketball program
  • AC & GC Elem. music rugs
  • Novel sets for middle school
  • Disc Golf for middle school
  • AC Elementary STEM unit
  • JH library books
  • JH FCS pans
  • JH science equipment
  • JH marching band drums
  • JH Geo boards
  • GC Elem. letter trays/ magnets
  • Preschool storytelling and art supplies
  • HS wrestling mat
  • HS pottery wheel
  • HS choir stoles
  • GC elementary signage
  • HS softball pitching  machine
  • HS weight training app and equipment
  • ACGC golf bags
  • JH baseball program start up
  • HS Concert chimes and mallets
  • 3D printer
  • Charger padded folding chairs
  • Track and field day water


Who do we contact for more information or to volunteer?

Kim Betts, President    641-757-1353
Derek Sargent, Vice President   641-740-0003
Crystal Hanson, Treasurer   515-975-8639
Julie Plowman, Secretary   641-740-0300
Toni Colling, Food Coordinator   607-321-5943