AC/GC Junior High

3384 Indigo Ave.

Adair, IA  50002

Principal- Mr. Chris Douglas

By phone-  (641) 746-2241 or (641)742-3661

Or fax- (641) 746-2243

Bus Garage: 641-746-3335

The AC/GC Junior High provides a safe environment through which early adolescents grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Social skills and positive reinforcement are emphasized because students at this age are making the transition from childhood into adolescence.

Our school offers a wide range of courses including "Exploratories" that allow students to evaluate their constantly changing interests, identity, aptitudes, and to broaden their horizons. Opportunities are also found outside of the classroom. A broad range of athletic activities is offered, as well as instrumental and vocal music, Academic Team, and Drama. A student council is also formed to help the students gain a better understanding of government and also encourage community involvement.