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Science classes have been learning about the growth of organisms.  Genetic and environmental factors play a role in the growth or lack of growth in organisms.  Students researched 8 topic areas of interest that affect growth.  These included caffeine, genetically mutated plants and animals in our food sources, dwarfism, koi fish, turtles, midnight sun, and temperatures.  After researching, they made informational children's books to share with the 2nd through 5th grade classes in the elementary.  Reading time was shared and great conversations ensued.

Health classes have been studying nutrition, substance abuse, and human slave and sex trafficking.

Physical education classes are working on a multitude of skills and strengthening while also learning about strategy games, weight training, and resistive band work.  We are currently enjoying a little Smashpark prep with some duals and single games of Pickleball.  


My Schedule

                Adair-Casey School:  Prep

                                                   7th grade Science (sections A and B)

                                                   Health exploratory 


                                                   7th or 8th grade Physical Education

                                                   Pre-K through 3rd PE class (rotate 4 day schedule)


                                                   3-6 PE class (rotate 4 day schedule)


                                                   Golf (Spring season)


Grading Scale:        

                             100 - 93 A          93 - 90 A-         

90 - 87 B+             87 - 83 B          83 - 80 B-

80 - 77 C+             77 - 73 C         73 - 70 C-

70 - 67 D+             67 - 63 D         63 - 60 D-        

                                   60 - 0 F




           Follow all safety rules.  Maintain a quiet, and orderly classroom for an optimal learning environment.  Keep materials organized.  Respect all students and teachers.  Be responsible for your actions and learning.  When absent, it is your responsibility to get the materials missed and hand in any work that was due as well as schedule make-up times for any missed quizzes or tests.





Come to class RESTED and READY TO LEARN.



With the addition of the 1:1 Apple initiative I will be adding, Stemscopes, Schoology, Google suite, and several other sites as resources for my classes to hand in computer constructed homework.   Students will be notified in class how to utilize these networks.


Late work policy:  JMC reflects whether their work is caught up.  If there is a blank spot under an assignment it means I have either extended the due date or have not had the opportunity to check everyone's work.  If there is an X for a grade it does not need to be done or made up.  If there is an LX for a grade it means the student has been absent or there has been an extension of time so the work is not done and is not reflected in their grade.  If there is an LI for a grade the work has not been done/turned in properly and it is still exptected and necessary to pass the class and a 0 is reflected in the calculated grade.  When the work gets in it will be graded, without any percentage docked (however, due to the extra time they had to work on a project it may be looked at with more scrutiny) and their grade will go up.  All assignments must be completed and graded to pass the class at the end of the term.  Students are reminded that I need their work on a daily basis.  I have encouraged all students to know how to access their grades to check for missing work and I encourage all parents to check on their students ocassionally so you are not so surprised later if they are failing.  Low grades and F's are reported on accountability dates and notes are issued from the school.  In the event a student needs time in school to complete an extensive amount of work a Saturday school may be assigned.


Re-tests are only at the discretion of the teacher.  In the event a student has failed and has unforeseen circumstances the teacher may request a student to re-take a test.



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