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Hello to all AC Elementary and AC/GC Families

The 2019-2020 SChool Year is off to a great start.  All of the students have been busy completing the Fall testing and the scores look really good so far.  Can't wait to see how much they grow and learn this school year.  

We are fortunate enough to have added some new and energetic staff to our school this fall.  Please make sure if you are in the building that you introduce yourself and welcome them as well.  The following teachers are new to AC Elementary and AC/GC JH

Rick Blake-  JH Social Studies, JH Football and Boys BB Coach 

Annie Inman- JH English

Kacey Pietz- Preschool

Andrew Treiber- JH Social Studies and Math

Brenna Westergaard- JH Special Ed

Stacy Young- Kindergarten

Ann Zaiger- Jh English

New Assocaites include:  Victoria Lombard, Trish McKinley, Christy Stanley, James Hayes and Rhonda Hockney

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