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7th Graders just finished researching and presenting about Gravitational Forces.  They choose a topic to research and created a presentation.  This was their first presentation in science and they did great!  These skills will be important to use when they start working on projects for the Science Fair.  We will be starting this in December.  The science fair will be new to the middle schoolers this year.


8th Graders have been busy learning about waves and how they travel.  This unit will continue a few more weeks.  We have been using fun tools for this section, such as a tuning fork.  We have also been working on a lot of ways to study vocabulary (students have came up with ideas on how to study.)  They have been working great together and love to make choices as a whole group.


Important Dates In November

Nov 5th & 7th Junior Heigh Conferences 4-7pm

Nov 13 Early Dismissal 1:30 

Nov 27-29 Thanksgiving Break (No School)



Teacher Notes on JMC

As you are checking grades on JMC, you might notice notes by assignments, quizzes, tests, and/or projects.  The notes give you and the student feedback about the assignment, quiz, test, and/or project.  

I include notes if:

Corrections were made on a quiz, test or assignment,

An assignment was incomplete

I helped a student on an assignment

Improvement on assignments

Contact information & available times:


Before School: 7:45-8:10

During School: 11:40-1:30 or 6th Period 2:30-3:15

After School: 3:30-4:00


Daily Schedule:

1st Period: 7C

2nd Period: 8C

3rd Period: 8A

4th Period: Planning/Lunch

5th Period: 8B

6th Period: Study Hall


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