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7th Grade

Students are wrapping up their unit on photosynthesis. 

Students have...

Reviewed the parts of a plant cell-fun game on Google Classroom to review! 

Researched if algae should be used as a biofuel-students will be participating in a class debate 

Cited specific text evidence to created test questions using 

8th Grade

Students are wrapping up their unit on Human Impact on the Environment.

Students have...

Learned how natural resources impact the environment

What they do can have a positive AND negative impact on the environment

Learned how carbon dioxide affect the organisms in the ocean.

7th Grade STEM

STEM just ended.  It was so much fun being able to teach all the 7th graders--I have been able to get to know them and can't wait to teach them next year!



Teacher Notes on JMC

As you are checking grades on JMC, you might notice notes by assignments, quizzes, tests, and/or projects.  The notes give you and the student feedback about the assignment, quiz, test, and/or project.  

I include notes if:

Corrections were made on a quiz, test or assignment,

An assignment was incomplete

I helped a student on an assignment

Improvement on assignments

Contact information & available times:


Before School: 7:45-8:10

During School: 12:30-1:30 or 6th Period 2:30-3:15

After School: 3:30-4:00


Daily Schedule:

1st Period: 7C

2nd Period: 8C

3rd Period: 8A

4th Period: Planning/Lunch

5th Period: 8B

6th Period: Study Hall


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