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My name is Rick Blake, and this is my first year teaching at AC/GC Junior High. I am very excited to join the Charger community.

I recently graduated from Simpson College's MAT program as I transitioned to teaching from work in the private sector. I have lived in the Des Moines area for over five years now since graduating Simpson in 2014 with degrees in history and English.

I teach all of the 8th graders in US history, and I have one section of 7th grade Global Studies. I am a believer in teaching students historical thinking skills and "doing" history. We have enjoyed a successful start to the school year, and I am looking forward to building on that in the coming weeks and months. 

In October, we will be learning about life in the American Colonies as they begin to work their way toward independence from Great Britain. 7th graders will learn about various types of governments and economies as we set the stage for global relations and conflict. Be sure to check back in next month for an update on what is going on in class!

In November, 7th graders have begun studying World War I. We have already learned about the causes of WWI through examination of primary documents. We are also learning about the experiences of soldiers in the trenches and how weapons and technology affected the war. We will next learn about the consequences of the war in the context of how they impacted global relations and diplomacy. 8th graders have been conducting "Town Hall Meetings" where they take on the role of a historical character and hold debates about whether the colonies should rebel against the King and the British government. Students prepare for the debates by examining perspectives of both patriots and loyalists to ensure a deeper understanding of the causes of the American Revolution.

JH Boys Basketball Schedule

We will play two games. 7th grade plays first. For some games we will have the opportunity to play a “5th quarter,” but it depends on the game. The complete schedule with details about time and location can be found on the West Central Activities Conference webpage.


Monday 11/18: Ogden (H) 4:00 pm

Thursday 11/21: Woodward-Granger (A) 4:00 pm

Monday 11/25: West Central Valley (H) 4:00 pm

Monday 12/2: Des Moines Christian (A) 4:00 pm

Tuesday 12/3: Van Meter (A) 4:00 pm

Friday 12/6: Earlham (A) 4:00 pm

Tuesday 12/10: Van Meter (H) 4:00 pm

Monday 12/16: Madrid (A) 4:00 pm

Tuesday 12/17: Audubon (A) 4:00 pm

Friday 1/3: Coon Rapids-Bayard (H) 4:00 pm

Tuesday 1/14: Exira-Elk Horn-Kimballton (A at EHK) 4:00 pm

Thursday 1/16: Panorama (A) 4:00 pm


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