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Hello and welcome to my class page! 

I am Mr. Treiber and I am brand new to Adair-Casey Guthrie Center Jr High and I am extremely excited to join the Charger family! 

I recently graduated from Drake University and majored in Secondary Education with a Middle School Math and Social Studies endorsement. I originally hail from Evanston, IL (and am a big Northwestern Wildcats fan!) 

This year I’ll be teaching 7th grade Social Studies and Math! I have high expectations for all my students and want to see all students work to succeed! I love bringing the real world into my classes to help students build connections between our content and their everyday lives! 

I'm looking forward to having a great school year and be sure to check back into the website around the 1st of every month for an update of what we are working on/ what is coming up in class! 

In March we are: 

Math: completing our learning over percents, discounts/markups, and simple interest. We will then be transitioning to studying different types of angles (vertical, adjacent, supplementary, and complementary)

Social Studies: studying current issues that face our world today. Our studies will include the distribution of resources across spaces (poverty, hunger, resource distribution). We will then move into looking at more examples of push and pull factors that lead to human population movement. 

In February we are:

Math: finishing up our unit looking at proportions and number relationships. We are then moving to calculating percents (and how they relate to decimals). We will be looking at real life application that percents play in our lives, such as how to calculate discounts or price markups.

Social Studies:  how human movement patterns have progressed throughout history. We will be looking at different push and pull factors that impact different populations throughout the world. We are starting our unit by looking at the events of the Holocaust.     

In January we are studying: 

Math: how to write and solve problems that include ratios, rates, and proportions. We will use this knowledge to then talk about slopes and direct variation in preparation for graphing when students advance to 8th grade

Social Studies: the causes and major events that took place during World War II. We are elaborating on how this war came as a result of how World War I ended. We will then be talking about how actions/ events of the past influence our current and future behavior, especially when looking at global politics. 

In December we are studying: 

Math: writing and graphing inequalities on a number line. Additionally, we will then solve for and simplify inequalities with variables using the four operations before moving and solving two-step inequaliities. 

Social Studies: we are continuing our unit on WWI and what caused WWI as some of the conditions that soldiers faced throughout the war. We will then move on to World War II as we wrap up our historical events unit as we move toward contemporary conflicts or issues facing the world today. 

In November we are studying: 

Math: creating equivalent expressions by combining like terms and solving for a variable in equations. 

Social Studies: wrapping up our cultures and population unit to complete our geography section of 7th grade SS. We will then be moving on to talking about different global conflicts and how they have impacted the world that we live in today starting with World War I. 

In October we are studying: 

Math: evaluating expressions with rational numbers. We will be comparing rational numbers such as fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers and learning how to apply the four operations to all different kinds of rational numbers. 

Social Studies: we are studying different regions, specifically within the United States. Students are working on a region project where they must serve as travel agents and create some sort of visual to entice people to come on vacation in their region based off of what we have learned in class. 

In September we are studying 

Math: Evaluating expressions involving positive and negative integers. The next chapter will be about rational numbers.

Social Studies: We are studying the 5 different themes of geography. We will then be applying all the themes to different places around the world and how they influence our lives and how we view the world. 

My Schedule: 

7A Social Studies 

7B Math 

7C Math 


Study Hall 7B/ 8B 


Study Hall 7B/ 8B 

7C Social Studies  



Grading Scale: 

A     93- 100 % 

A-    90- 92 % 

B+   87- 89 % 

B     83- 86 % 

B-   80- 82 % 

C+  77- 79 % 

C    73- 76 % 

C-   70 -72 % 

D+  67- 69 % 

D    63- 66 %

D-   60- 62 % 

F     Below 60 % 



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