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Leaves Reflecting off the Lake

Mrs. Zaiger,  JH English :


Leaves are falling and the frost is on the pumpkins.

Harvest time is

finally here and the air

seems to tell us that winter is not far away.

It is a time

for Giving Thanks.    We have been creating a  "Thankful for You"  descriptive

writing in my 8 B and 8 C classes.  That has been a fun endeavor! We plan to 

share our writing with the person who inspired it!

We are also studying a  short Poetry Unit where we are reading and listening to

both lyrical and narrative poems.

Robert Frost is a very popular American author who

specializes in writing about certain country details that may not always be noticed.


I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made ALL the difference.”  

Robert Frost,  Excerpt from The Road Not Taken



By: Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf's a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

( *Also quoted in the Outsider's Book we are reading)

                                  *Another great Fall time Farm style poem is:
          When the Frost is on the Punkin  (...and the Fodder's in the Shock)

                                            by James Whitcomb Riley .  ********************************************************************************************************

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 School Year at AC/ GC Junior High!

There are a lot of new faces and I am one of them in the school!


NOVEMBER 5 and 7 at the AC/ GC Junior HIgh.  Stop by Room 8 and say Hello!



White Fang   By:  Jack London 

The Outsiders   By:   S.E. Hinton

Soul Surfer    By:  Bethany Hamilton 

Wings in the Wind  By:  Jon Steffes

We will be reading through these books in 7th/ 8th grade depending on their class through the month


New for the month of November is "Wings in the Wind".  

Its story is based on the famous  "Armistice Day  Blizzard"  11-11-1940 which so violently struck the

MIDWEST region without a warning.   Many Duck hunters were out on the rivers and lakes on a very sunny

warm day looking for game when the temperatures dropped dramatically and very quickly without warning. 

A beautiful warm and adventurous holiday quickly turns

into a "Fight for Survival"  and every man was for himself. 

I love this book because it is written from the perspective of a 16 year old boy 

who loves working on cars, playing baseball, and enjoying the great outdoors.  Now, who can't relate to that?

The trouble comes when the high school friends and oddly enough the high school rivals as well

are out on the Mississippi river and can't get back in a snowstorm.  The waves came up on the river, the snow

is coming down and they barely make to to shore with their canoe and are huddled on an island.   

This is a very new book  (published  in 2012 ) but is based on an old  true story. 

The narrator speaks from the grandpa's perspective and what it felt like to weather a devastating and

monstrous winter storm.  

 If you like "Brian's Hunt' by  Gary Paulsen, then  you will love this book! 


Soul Surfer tells Bethany Hamilton compelling faith-filled story after being attacked by a shark in Hawaii.

She shares how she deals with the loss of her arm and her new challenges in life.

The Outsiders deals with the different types of social issues that students deal with from their perspective

of the "Soc's and the Greaser's" . Times were hard for Pony Boy and their gang.  They were just trying to live

from day to day in their own "rough" and mostly misunderstood way. This is a classic that has been read and

re-read over the years and never disappoints.



I teach ENGLISH and READING with 8 B,  7 C, 7 A, and 8 C.

I have study hall each afternoon with 7 B

I also do reading interventions with 7A, 7C and 8 A and C.


Ann has been a lifelong student, taking college classes in many different areas.  She has a B.S. and a B.A. and a teaching license in the State of Iowa.  She is extremely devoted to higher education and has been an substitute teacher from Pre-k to 12 th grade students. She currently holds her 5 -12 English/ Language Arts and Biology/ Science teaching endorsements. 

She was a 1995 graduate of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO with an Animal/ Equine Science degree and an emphasis in Journalism and Communications. She has most recently added an Iowa teaching license from the University of Iowa in English/ Language Arts Education.  She loves to read and encourage students to be avid readers.

Mrs. Zaiger is thankful for the opportunity to be here and very excited to be teaching English at the AC/GC Junior High. She is looking forward to a great year with the wonderful students and faculty here. 



Mrs. Zaiger by Email.


Autumn Leaves

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