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Preschool students continue to love checking out books and listening to stories.  They enjoyed Who WIll Be My Valentine This Year? by Jerry Pallotta.

Kindergarten students watched several stories on Book Flix about equality, including The Other Side.  We also read stories about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

First grade students are learning about Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges during Black History Month.

The 2nd graders discussed private information and the reasons why such information should not be shared online or in person with people outside of our family and school teachers

Third-grade students finished their study of Paul Bunyan and will begin reading picture books about the Underground Railroad and the Civil Rights movement.

The fourth-grade library class read many books about famous African-Americans, including Jackie Robinson, Wilma Rudolph, and Louis Armstrong. They also finished Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and are eager to find out what trouble Fudge causes next in Fudge-a-Mania.

The 5th graders completed two digital citizenship lessons.  “Finding My Media Balance” talked about striking a healthy balance between online and offline activities, such as reading, playing outside, spending time with family, sports, etc.).  We also discussed that parental rules regarding digital devices and the amount of online vs. offline time will vary. They need to find a balance that is healthy for them. The second lesson, “Digital Friendships,” focused on a middle school student dealing with 2 online relationships.  One is a video chat project for school and seems safe. The other scenario is someone of unknown age and gender who commented on an Instagram post. We discussed why one friendship should be safe as well as warning flags for the other relationship, especially when the person asked for her home address. 

Sixth graders learned about warning signs of internet scams: generic greetings, sense of urgency, too-good-to-be-true offers, spelling and grammar errors, account alerts, shortened URLS or links, and requests from a “friend” in trouble.  We were able to have a good discussion and identify potential red flags in multiple examples of texts, emails, and ads. The best part is that students are designing their own “phishing” email to share with the class. 


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