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The highlight of the month was that Preschool students started checking out library books!  Everyone was so excited to select their very own book to read for the next few days.  

Kindergarten students have enjoyed watching book videos on the Book Flix website.  They really like to play the games at the end that involve new vocabulary and sequencing.

First graders have been reading a variety of stories based on "The Three Little Pigs."  My personal favorite is The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf."

Second graders have read about the struggle for equality in such stories as Goin' Someplace Special, Sister Anne's Hands, and The Bus Ride That Changed History.

Third graders have been learning about the Underground Railroad.  They especially enjoyed reading Unspoken, a wordless picture book about an escaped slave hiding with a family.

African American athletes are the focus during 4th grade library classess.  We have learned more about Wilma Rudolph, Jackie Robinson, and Marcinia Lyle, one of the first female professional baseball players in the Negro Leagues.

Fifth graders learned about George Washington Carver, his Iowa connections, and his many uses for peanut products.  They were amazed that rubbing peanut oil on the skin was one way to treat polio.

Sixth graders spent February working on identifying email scams and schemes and learned the techniques used by scammers.  The culminating activity was designing their own scamming, or phishing, email or text message.  The most frequent techniques used by the 6th graders were misspelled words, sense of urgency, generic greetings, links, and offers that are too good to be true.

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