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Hello. Thank you parents. This year it's more important than ever that you get involved with your student's learning. Math is one of the toughest areas where you can help. One question that I receive most from parents is about not knowing how to help with the Common Core curriculum. If you are having trouble finding resources. let me know. I've attached QR codes to some homework pages. Just take a picture of the code with your smart phone, computer, or iPad and you will automatically be directed to the resource. 

If I did not attach a code you can still find help by looking at your child's math notebook or homework page (I'm hoping they are taking those things home when needed). In the upper right hand corner you should find the lesson number and then something like: Lesson 15,  5.3.  This means Grade 5, Module 3, Lesson 15. If you search the grade, module and lesson, you should receive websites that will provide help. has many tutorials for each lesson. I hope this helps you find ways to support your child at home.

Thanks again for all your support. 

Mrs. Sandy Lowry


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