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MAY 2020
Thank you so very much, parents/grandparents, students, teachers, administrators, and anyone else that assissted a student in learning this spring!  It was unique, strange, scary, overwhelming, interesting, etc and with that so were our emotions!
 I am so proud of the students I worked with.  They were ready to take on any challenge!
Thank you to Mr. McClain for always providing updates!
Thank you to Ms. Jensen for our weekly staff meetings and focusing on the positives.
HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!  Enjoy time outside - read - do some math - and have fun!
See you in the fall (hopefully at school)
April 2020
WOW!  What a whirlwind we have had in the past few weeks!  First and foremost - I have many "thank yous."
Thank you to - Ms. Jensen, Mr. McClain, and the other administrators for making the decisions they have had to make.
Thank you to - Teresa, Cindy, Dave, and Ms Jensen for getting meals prepared and delivered to all who need it!
Thank you to - PARENTS!  Thank you for loving your kids, doing your best, and being flexible with all of us teachers and we work on how to help your child(ren) continue to learn and grow.  THANK YOU for everything!
Thank you to - my co-workers for sharing ideas and resources with each other and the families of AC/GC.
LASTLY - BUT most importantly - THANK YOU to ... you kids!  You are amazing and willing to be flexible and kind through this all!  For those of you that I have seen on Zoom or that have sent pictures - it is GREAT to see your smiles!  
Now ... I want you to know - I MISS YOU!  I miss seeing you get off the busses in the morning!  I miss seeing your smiles, hear your stories, and get some hugs!  I can't wait until I can see you again!
UNTIL THEN .... please stay safe!  HAVE FUN!  Play outside (safely)!  Learn something new (cooking, cleaning, nature walks, science experiments, building, coloring, drawing, etc)
February 2020
What a great month!  There was a LOT of progress made in our little corner of the world!
The Kindergarteners can name all of the letters/sounds they have had (and even some others).  They can count items to 20 and are working hard at making number bonds!
The 1st graders are working on the next level of reading books and their journals went from 1/2 pages to full pages!  We are working on sequencing, problem/solution, and more character work!
The 2nd grade phonics group is "cruizin" through the curriculum.  We have just completed some work with silent e - writing/reading the words in 1-3 syllable words AND adding suffixes.  This was fun!
2nd grade math is working on place value and adding/subtracting groups of 10.
2nd/3rd grade language just finished up writing letters to someone important to us ... family for the win!
3rd grade math is working on beginnings of multipliaction.
4th grade math is working on learning more about shapes (angles, sides, identifying by attributes)
Make sure to keep reading and practicing those math facts!!!!
January 2020
We have completed the Winter FAST Benchmark testing and everything looks great!
The students worked very hard, the teachers have done great strategies and it shows!
More individual information will be coming home soon.  
Things to remember as we finish off our winter -
A ball player's success comes far more from the work he/she does off the court/field than it does at game time. What does that mean - the more you practice a skill, the better you become. more often, listen to some great stories read to you, write about your goals/dreams/days/etc, and practice those math skills.
December 2019
WOW!  Where did 2019 go?  
I am SO PROUD of the students I work with!  They have worked so hard this fall and it shows!  They come to school ready to learn and with such positive attitiudes!
As you read last month, I had a student teacher join us for 8 weeks.  Her last day was Thursday, December 12.  I was back in the classroom full time for the 1st time on Monday, December 16 - it was the best day!  Man, did I miss these kids!  
Over the winter break, please remember these few things:
1: Spend time together as a family!
2: Read a book (or a few) together 
3: Make new memories!
Have a safe end to 2019 and see you in the new year :)
November 2019
Ms. Waite has begun teaching full time in my classroom.  She continues to follow the curriculum and expectations that were set.  She has a good relationship with the kids and they continue to work hard.  If you have any questions, please reach out :)  
October 2019
Where did the first quarter go?  Where did this snow come from?
We welcomed Ms. Megan Waite to our room on October 17.  She is a student teacher and will be with us until mid-December, when she will graduate from Upper Iowa University in Des Moines.  She will gradually begin teaching groups until she is doing the whole day on her own.  She will do that for a couple of weeks before we transition back to me.  She has a great demeanor with the students and they have all enjoyed having her in the room.
Conferences are the first week of November - make sure you stop to say "hi"
September 2019
What a great start to our year!  The kids came back HAPPY, Rested, and READY to learn!
In mid-September we completed all of our screening assessments and saw some great things!
We have met as a staff and created small groups in order meet the needs of every student.
If you would be interested in your child's results, please feel free to contact myself or their teacher.
Math: It is great seeing everyone teaching math with more ease, especially myself!  I know many parents and grandparents (and teachers) were unsure about our switching curriculums last year but it was worth it!  There has been such great gains in understand math concepts!  But as we all know - practice helps - so please feel free to practice math facs at home.
Reading:  This is our 2nd year with a new reading curriculum as well.  The vocabulary is a challenge, but the kids are only benefitting from it :)
As always, any questions, please let me know :)

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