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WOW!  March seems to have flown by!  I am so proud of every student I work with (Kindergarten through 8th grade) because they are working so hard and making great gains!  Thier determination and smiles help make each dat a little brighter!!!
Kindergarten - we continue to work on letter formation and letter sounds.
1st grade - in reading we are putting more letter combinations together when reading and writing words  We have begun reading harder things - it has been such a pleasure to watch them embrace reading.
In math we are working on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers - wow they work hard at this!
2nd grade - reading - These kids are rock stars!!  They are practicing reading with more fluency (speed, accuracy, and phrasing) and then working on our comprehension :)
3rd grade - reading - LOT AND LOTS of READING!  This student has really hit it out of the park lately!  So proud!
Math - we are working on adding and subtracting within 100 right now, but just finished some measurement.
4th - 6th grade reading - we are getting into some multisyllabic words that are HARD to read.  They are working HARD and succeeding!  We also took some time to read a chapter book - FUN!
Math - everything from fractions to measurements to converting measurements - lots of REAL LIFE stuff happening in math right now!
Enjoy the sunny days when they come - and create your own sunshine when it's cloudy!
January flew by for us at AC Elementary.  We have completed our winter benchmark assessments and everyone tried very hard!  There was lots of growth seen across the grade levels.
Kindergarten is "crusing" on their letter sounds!
First graders are starting to put words together to read stories.  
Second graders are working hard at reading correctly while reading a littler faster.
Third -Sixth graders are working hard learning how to decode multisyllabic words, trickier vowel teams, and reading with more smoothness.
In math, first graders are working on adding strategies to their toolbelts for subtraction.
Third graders are working on place value and adding/subtracting larger numbers.
Fourth and Fifth graders are working with multiplication and division.
Sixth graders are diving deep into working with fractions.
Have a safe remainder of winter - hoping spring comes soon ;)
Welcome to December...
What a great month November was.  The students were busy and focused all month long.  We just completed a couple of "virtual days" and they seemed to go well (only a small hiccup here and there).
In Reading The Kindergarteners are learning more sounds each week.  It is fun to watch their excitement when they can produce another sound!
The First Graders are doing a great job reading and writing CVC words.  We have learned digraphs (sh, ch, wh, th, ck) and bonus letters (ll, ff, ss) at the end of syllables.  They love the challenge!
The Second Graders are doing GREAT building their accuracy and fluency on stories.  They are also working very hard on being able to write a "good" retell!
The Third - Sixth Graders are working hard at new letter combinations in words.  They have to read and write them correctly - and they are up to the task!
In math the Kindergarteners are doing lots of counting and measuring!
The First Graders are working on "Number Bonds" - some of us remember these to be fact families.  I am very proud of the strategies they are using to find answers.
The Third graders are gaining addition and subtraction skills - getting harder numbers.
The Fourth and Fifth Graders are working on multiplication and division - practice memorizing facts is needed every day!
The Sixth graders get to put it all together with fractions - so far, they are doing great with this difficult concept!
WHERE did October go?  WOW!  Time flies when you get to be with kids!
Reading Update:
The Kindergarteners are working hard on letter sounds!
The first graders are working on taking words apart (by sounds) and blending sounds together to make words.  They are also applying those skills to writing.
Third Grade is working on sight words, blending words together, and reading stories with smoothness.
Fourth-Sixth grade is working on word work with harder words and letter patterns and applying that word work into stories and wriitng.
I am SUPER PROUD of how hard everyone is working!  
Hope you had a Haunted Halloween and a Tasty Thanksgiving!!!
October 1 
WECOME BACK to school!  
It has been a whirlwind of actiity at school so far this year!  I know I was (and continue to be) super excited to see the kids everyday!  I missed them!
In case you don't know me ...
I am starting my 21st year at AC - hard to beleive.
I teach Elementary/JH Special Educaiton and General Reading small groups.
I am married to a local - Kevin Maas - and we have two kids.  Maggie is a Junior at UNI studing to be a teacher and Michael is a Junior at ACGC HS.  We live north of the school on Kevin's family farm and raise cattle. 
In my 'free time" I love to sit outside, watch movies, play cards, listen to music, and be with my family.
I hope your students are having a great year!  If you ever have questions, please feel free to ask :)

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