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*My name is Mrs. Betts and I'm the AC-GC Elementary Music Teacher!

A note from Mrs. Betts:

Mrs. Betts will be out on maternity leave from mid-March until the beginning of May. Due to the change in our classroom schedule, we have re-scheduled the spring concerts for the following dates:

A-C Elementary  Spring Concert

Pre-School-6th grade with 5th & 6th-grade band 

Monday, May 18th @ 6:30 pm 



Guthrie Center Elementary Spring Concert

Tuesday, May 19th

TK- 3rd @ 6:00 pm

4th-6th with 5th & 6th-grade band @ 6:45 pm

AC/GC High School Gym

Here's a peek at what's happening in the music room:

KDG: We are continuing to work on our spring concert songs as well as deep-diving into the classroom instruments. 

1st: We are still focusing on rhythm & melody as well as looking at our spring concert music  

2nd: Students are continuing to focus on rhythms as well as singing our two spring concert songs. 

3rd: We are beginning to look at our National Anthem; as well as practicing our concert song. 

4th: We are continuing our recorder journey by practicing a brand new song for the spring concert as well as singing a song-- talk about multi-tasking!

5th: We are working on a 3 song medley for our spring concert using two-part singing-- the students have almost got this memorized! Go 5th graders! 

6th: We are working on two brand new 2-part singing songs for our spring concert, one from one of the students' favorite, recent musicals. 



A few notes from the Music Room:

You may notice that there are fewer grades being given for elementary music. As the music department transitions over to the new Iowa Music Standards, we are focusing our efforts on the 4 categories: Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting. You will see the summative assessments for these categories in the grade book. What you aren't seeing is all of the formative assessments and activities occurring during learning. 


4th-grade recorders

We are doing something a little different in the music room this year. In order to comply with the new Iowa Fine Arts Standards; students will be receiving their recorders at the beginning of the school year and using them in various musical lessons throughout the entire year. With this new change, I am requesting that recorders be kept in the music room throughout the week and only taken home over weekends if students need to practice. Students will be required to bring the recorder back at the beginning of the school week. Students will be working all year to gain the knowledge and skills they will need for 5th & 6th-grade band as well as choir. I have found all students work at a different pace, and, as an introduction to playing any instrument, the students are expected to treat the recorder the same as you would a trumpet, flute, or even a percussion instrument--with respect. 

So you forgot your recorder... now what?

The music room runs on a three-strike system. Every time you forget your recorder, you earn a strike. Mrs. Betts will allow you to borrow a recorder, up to and including three strikes. Any more strikes. and you are not allowed to borrow a recorder and must simply sit and write in your music notes or watch others work quietly. If a student has 5 or more strikes students may lose the privilege to take their recorder home. 

Goodness knows I'm not the best blogger and I've probably forgotten something. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding 4th-grade recorders. 


Studies have shown that music education promotes children's brain development, creativity, it increases concentration and helps to build self-esteem. While we work on these skills at school, it is also important to help out at home as well. Please check out the links at the bottom of my page from PBS Parents. In the "Music at Home" link Dr. Robert A. Cutietta explains how to add music into your home in a few easy steps, some of which I will summarize below. 

Adding music into the home:

  1. Play music-- any and all music
  2. Actively listen to music-- having music on in the background is nice, but sit down with your child and really listen to the music. Ask them questions such as, "How does this music make you want to move?" 
  3. Sing-- My favorite place to do this is in the car with my daughter, this turns what may be a boring ride into an enjoyable family experience.
  4. Dance-- No one is watching, try being silly and move with the music!
  5. Make music together-- Remember instruments can be made out of anything. No piano? No problem! Grab some household items and brainstorm different sounds you and your child can make. 


Please remember to encourage music-making in the home as well as at school!


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I promise to get better at posting elementary activities---maybe... 




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