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Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!
Feb. 2020: The winter weather is slowly going away. The kids are working hard on their reading, writing, math, and other subjects. The teachers are working hard on learning as much as possible about standard based grading. This will be different for everyone, but it will show what the kids truly know or do not know. Track is starting up next month. I cannot wait to get my middle school kids back on the track.
January 2020: Happy New Year! The kids were excited to come back, and so was I! We had a few weeks off the reset our bodies and minds. Testing for the Winter benchmark has come and gone. We saw loads of growth, and we still need to continue to work hard to reach the next important goal of Spring benchmark. The kids really enjoy seeing their own growth and taking ownership of their learning. Even when I test the first graders, they are eager to see their reading graphs! This is also the time when JH basketball ended and wrestling is mid way through. In a few weeks there will be a nice break in sports for these kids to reset their bodies to get ready for JH track. I am excited to be their coach for the 4th year. Boys finished 2nd in the conference, while the girls placed 3rd. This was our top finishes in our short school's history. Let's keep working hard! Go Chargers!
December 2019: We are working extremely hard before our winter break! Make sure to have your child practice their reading, writing, and math while they are away for 12 days. If you need help finding resources please contact one of the helpful teachers at AC Elementary! Have a safe winter break everyone!
November 2019: ARE YOU READY TO ISASP?!? The results are in and ACGC as a WHOLE did amazing! It was a new state wide test and results were sent home to parents. A new test can be scary, but our kids did their best. The new reading and math curriculums at AC Elementary seems to be doing good things for our students. The weather is cooling off and holiday breaks are coming fast. Encourage your kids to keep reading and doing math over the break. Putting down the electronics for a few minutes will help them succeed in their class, and life!
October 2019: It's hard to believe that we are a quarter into the school year! The cold weather has come fast as well, so make sure your kids are coming to school in winter attire. ISASP scores will be sent out soon, if you have any questions about how to read the scores, please let me know. It has been fun seeing reading fluency scores raise in our reading groups as well. My favorite part is seeing their faces light up when they hit their "goal", or winter benchmark. HARD WORK PAYS OFF! Keep reading!
Septemeber 2019: Fall benchmark testing is now complete! The kids worked extremely hard, so we know where they stand with their reading and math skills. Small groups have been organized and it seems like kids are in a routine now. The JH cross country team has also done extremely well considering our first few meets were cancelled. Both boys and girls won our home meet last week. Let's hope the weather will hold off the next few weeks before the end of the season :) 
August 2019:

My name is Mr. Brown and I teach Elementary Special Education at AC Elementary. I also teach JH PE and involved with JH literacy groups. Lastly, I am also a JH XC and Track coach. 

A little about myself.. I attended Grand View University and graduated with an Education degree in Physical Education with endorsements in Special Educaiton and coaching. My wife, Stacy Brown, teaches 2nd grade here at AC Elementary. We have a seven year old name Lexi and a two year old named Landen. Our third child, Zack, will turn one soon! 

On a typical day I will be involved with guided reading groups, supplemental reading groups, math groups, structured IEP time and much more. I am looking forward to working with many students this school year. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at anytime. 



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