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March: We have wrapped up our “Making Music” study, and will begin a clothing study soon. The clothing study will include questions like: What are the features of clothes? How do we take care of clothes? And what special clothes do people wear for work? March will be a busy month with the Ag 4 All and I-Smile programs both joining us!

Important dates: 
March 9th-13th: Ag 4 All program is in the classroom
March 19th: Start of 4th quarter
March 31st: I-Smile program is in the classroom

Specials Schedule:
Day 1: PE 
Day 2: Music 
Day 3: Library
Day 4: Art

Please feel free to email me (kpietz@acgcschools.org) or message me on ClassDojo if you have any questions! Thank you!

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