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   March 2021

After a super long winter, it is wonderful to hope to see spring early.  I'm not sure if that will happen, but I certainly hope so!  

Kindergarteners and first graders are working on blending sounds into words and writing cvc words.  They have grown so much. 

Second grade is working on comprehension strategies.  They are doing some work that requires a lot of deep thinking.  Be sure and ask your student about it.

Third graders are working on improving their fluency.  We do timed fluency passages daily.

My fifth grade guilded reading group is working so hard.  Our emphasis is on informational text and comprehension strategies.

Sixth graders are working on writing about their famous person for the wax museum project.  They are hard at work.


I enjoy the students so much. Please reach out to me if you have questions or concerns.

Mrs. Wall


It's hard to believe  that is second semester!  Students continue to challenge themselves in fluency and comprehension.  I love seeing their score grow.  We had lots of great worl on our winter testing.  I will sharing some of this with you at conferences.  I look forward to talking to you!!

     It's so hard to believe that we are starting December!  Time has been going very quickly, but all of my groups have been working very hard.  We just finished 2 very good virtual learning days. I was very impressed with my students.  All of my students had their devices and were able to follow along and participate.   Thank you to  the families that helped their student to be successful.


Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Mrs. Wall



      My name is Lisa Wall.  I am an Elementary Resource teacher and I work with students in every classroom.  I am really enjoying my time at Adair-Casey Elementary.  I taught in Des Moines Public Schools for 25 years.  I have taught many different things. I have been a Title Reading Teacher, Reading Recovery Teacher, ESL teacher, and a classroom teacher during my career. I'm happy to work the the students at Adair- Casey and have found them to be great kids!


          I have two wonderful children, aged 13 and 14, and a very supportive husband who used to be a teacher too. We are busy going to all of our children's activities.   They participate in Football, Baseball, Cheerleading, mimes, and drama.

             If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school or email me at

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