August Meeting

A joint meeting of the Bomber Boosters and the Guthrie Center Booster Club was held on August 3, 2016 in the high school library. There were thirteen club members in attendance. Co-President Kim Betts called the meeting to order.  Allie Brooks read the minutes of the previous Guthrie Center meeting.  Julie Plowman made a motion to accept the minutes and Suzanne Bunde seconded the motion.  Julie Plowman read the minutes of the previous Adair-Casey meeting.  Teresa Williams made a motion to accept the minutes and Jeff Leonard seconded the motion.

Crystal Hansen read the Guthrie Center Treasurer’s Report.  Allie Brooks made a motion to approve the report and Melissa Dewitt seconded the motion.  Teresa Williams read the Adair-Casey Treasurer’s Report.  Jeff Leonard made a motion to accept the minutes and Melissa DeWitt seconded the motion.

Allie Brooks, representing a Concessions Committee, presented a letter that will be sent to various activity group sponsors.  All activity groups are assigned a specific date to provide volunteers for the concession stand.  The letter asks for volunteers within that activity to sign up to work on the assigned date.  Booster members also signed up to work various shifts during football season.

Melissa Dewitt, representing the Apparel Committee, reported that most apparel orders would be done through online ordering, going forth.  A flier will be sent out district wide 2-3 times per school year, via the JMC computer system.  There may be some special events where cash and carry items, such as those offered at registration, will be offered.  Suzanne suggested club members order Boosters’ shirts.  She will check on prices and report back at the next meeting.

In Old Business, Suzanne Bunde reported the AC/GC Activity poster and pocket calendars will be distributed to area businesses and also available for pick up at the August 19th Open House.  Suzanne made a motion all profits and expenses from the calendars be split evenly between the two clubs.  Melissa Dewitt seconded the motion.

In New Business, the August 19th Gatorade Fall Kick-Off was discussed.  A volleyball scrimmage will begin at 6:00, followed by a cross-country run and a 7:00 football scrimmage.  Participants in all fall sports and music activities will be recognized.  Cash and carry apparel will be available for purchase this evening. 

Also in New Business, August 13th was set for the concession stand clean-up/preparation day.  Members and scholarship participants are asked to be at the stand at 9:00 a.m.

Dates, times and locations were set for the next several Booster meetings.  They are as follows:  September 11th 5:00 Middle School Cafeteria, October 5th 6:30 High School Library, and November 6th 5:00 Middle School Cafeteria.

Tabby Slaybaugh made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Crystal Hanson seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Plowman