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Hello, I am Mrs. Subbert and this is my 16th year teaching in Guthrie Center and my 21st year of teaching overall. I am currently teaching Title 1 Reading and Reading Recovery. I am also a member of our Leadership Team.

Reading Recovery is a one-on-one program geared for first grade students to help them catch up to the average of the class. This program is listed on the "What Works Clearinghouse" webpage because it is a program that has been tested and has been very successful for most students. Only four students are selected for twenty weeks of intense reading instruction.

Title 1 Reading is a program that supplements the reading that takes place in the classroom and does not replace their regular reading instruction. Students are identified based on standardized tests that are given in the spring of the previous year. Many times, Title 1 reading students only need support for a short amount of time to learn the missing skills. This is a support system and not a special education program with individualized goals.  

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