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*My name is Mrs. Betts and I'm the AC-GC Elementary Music Teacher!

A note from Mrs. Betts:

Holy moly, what a crazy year it's going to be. 

The link below will take you to Mrs. Betts online classroom-- we will be using this in and out of music class. I post lessons, links and videos on your classroom page as well as TONS of resources throughout. 

Mrs. Betts Music Room

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*Please note that Mrs. Betts Music Classroom is a google slideshow-- you will need to press Present in order for the links to work correctly.*

Here's a peek at what's happening in the music room:










A few notes from the Music Room:

You may notice that there are fewer grades being given for elementary music. As the music department transitions over to the new Iowa Music Standards, we are focusing our efforts on the 4 categories: Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting. You will see the summative assessments for these categories in the grade book. What you aren't seeing is all of the formative assessments and activities occurring during learning. 




Studies have shown that music education promotes children's brain development, creativity, it increases concentration and helps to build self-esteem. While we work on these skills at school, it is also important to help out at home as well. Please check out the links at the bottom of my page from PBS Parents. In the "Music at Home" link Dr. Robert A. Cutietta explains how to add music into your home in a few easy steps, some of which I will summarize below. 

Adding music into the home:

  1. Play music-- any and all music
  2. Actively listen to music-- having music on in the background is nice, but sit down with your child and really listen to the music. Ask them questions such as, "How does this music make you want to move?" 
  3. Sing-- My favorite place to do this is in the car with my daughter, this turns what may be a boring ride into an enjoyable family experience.
  4. Dance-- No one is watching, try being silly and move with the music!
  5. Make music together-- Remember instruments can be made out of anything. No piano? No problem! Grab some household items and brainstorm different sounds you and your child can make. 


Please remember to encourage music-making in the home as well as at school!


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I promise to get better at posting elementary activities---maybe... 




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