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Welcome to First Grade!

Dear Families, 

This crazy Iowa weather is confusing to children who are trying to figure out what to wear to school for recess. One day it's warm enough to go without coats and the next day the forcasters inform us that there's a chance of snow later in the day. I have suggested that children keep an extra pair of gloves and a hat in their backpacks. I ask that you help your child accomplish this. It's hard to think of hats and gloves when it was 54 degrees the previous day. 

The end of the second quarter of school is Tuesday, January 14th. I have been completing quarterly assessments and students will be bringing the documentation home to you next week. The coloring page shows their attention to detail, stamina, and exhibits their fine motor skills. The mental math shows their ability to answer math questions in a timely manner and their number scense automaticity. There is also a writing page which shows their ability to hear and reproduce the letters in a word when writing a two sentence story. There are 37 sounds/points available to the writing assessment. 

I hope you're ready for some snow this weekend. It sounds like we'll be getting some and that will make some children very excited. 


Mrs. McCool

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