We have received a temporary rule waiver for:

761—634.4(321) Driver education course standards and requirements.

The driver education teacher or instructor shall verify at the beginning of each course that each student possesses a valid instruction permit or driver’s license. Each student shall be responsible forpossessing an instruction permit or driver’s license throughout all laboratory instruction and report any suspension, revocation or cancellation of the instruction permit or driver’s license to the driver education teacher or instructor prior to attending laboratory instruction.

What does this mean for the student needing to take driver's ed?

1.  This waiver allows students the ability to begin classes without an actual physical instruction permit because of limited issuance opportunities due to Covid-19.  Students would still need to provide proof that they have passed the required test through the 'Skip the Trip' program before beginning class. After they have passed, they do receive a confirmation email and this will suffice.

2.  The students must have their physical instruction permit before actual Behind-the-Wheel driving can begin.  They can make appointments through the Iowa DOT by clicking HERE.

3.  Important letter for Parents/Guardians-  CLICK HERE

4.  Please complete this FORM for Mr. Danker, our driver education teacher, so you can be enrolled for the class.