Each high school student will be entrusted with their own laptop to enhance their learning.  This program is known as the 1:1 Laptop Initiative and our school district is very excited to allow our students to be a part of this.   

The overall objective of the program is to provide access to technology for all of our students. In addition, technology provides a means to engage students in our curriculum, allowing them to learn using a medium that they are comfortable with.
Please take time to read the different pages on our website regarding the laptops including the FAQ, Do's and Don'ts and Inappropriate and Unacceptable Use.  Each student and parent must sign a laptop agreement form that is also included on our website.  Our goal with this program is to increase our students'  learning, achievement, and better prepare them  to face the challenges of the digital work force they will be entering into.

Do's & Don'ts

Inappropriate & Unacceptable

FAQ's about the 1:1 Laptop Initiative