Extracurricular activities create strong relationships and bonds between members as they have common goals. Members of the organization are required to learn from each other, depend on each other, and fail or succeed together while learning teamwork, responsibility, and building a work ethic that relies on each other. All these habits are beneficial in the “real world”.

Another benefit of extracurricular activities is increased school performance.  Obligations to extracurricular activities increase a student’s desire to be in school, in turn lowering absence rates. In fact, when compared to their non-extracurricular classmates, students who were involved in extracurricular activities had a 15% higher attendance rate. By increasing their attendance rate, students are setting themselves up for better academic performance.  All of these factors can be reflected on college applications, internship applications, and job applications in the student’s future.  Our school offers many activities for the student to become involved in. 

To find out more about the area you are interested in, please visit the sponsor's or coach's home page for information.

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