Guthrie Center Elementary School

900 N. 4th Street

Guthrie Center, IA  50115

    Principal- Mrs. Diane Flanery

Phone (641)332-2720

FAX (641)332-2721

Guthrie Center Elementary school is located in the northwest area of town. The facility was built in 1959, with the first classes starting in the fall of 1960. New in 2009 are our 3 year old and 4 year old preschool programs. Approximately 330 students in Pre-K through 6th grade are organized into grade levels of two sections each. Pre-K through 4th grade are self-contained while the 5th and 6th grades are departmentalized with the full range of Special Education, ELL, Talented and Gifted, Title I reading, with Reading Recovery programs available. Academic Team is also offered.

What Makes Our School Unique? Accredited Exemplary Status Transitions Edorsement through North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. • Ensures that all children are prepared to be successful as they move from one level to the next throughout the educational process. • At the end of each school year, students will have a credentialing conference involving the student, parents, and advisor.

Elementary Playground • Built as a community project during September 5-9, 1990. • 1,000 volunteers helped during the 5 day work party.

Student Council • Includes 4 officers and 2 class reps. from each class, 2nd - 6th grade. • Projects include: Movie Nights, Lollipop Sales, Red Ribbon Week Planning, Toys for Tots, and Relay for Life.