Our Booster Club

Have questions or interested in helping? 

Contact one of the officers, we would love to hear from you.

Our current officers are:

Tricia Schreck 

Vice President:
Melissa Loest 

Kim Betts

Jessica Davis

Food Coordinator:
Toni Colling 

Scheduling Coordinator:
Suzanne Holmes-Bunde 
and Bethany McCool


"Everything we do is made possible by volunteers like YOU!! THANK YOU!!!"

About our booster club….

The ACGC Booster Club raises funds to donate in a number of ways to benefit the AC, GC, and ACGC school districts and communities.  In the 2017-2018 school year alone, the booster club donated more than $70,000 to support various activities and programs at both elementary schools, middle school, and high school.  We also donated to different community fund-raisers and special events.

How do we raise money?...

The major fundraiser for the booster club is the concession stand, which is located by the high school football field.  Our concession stand has an amazing reputation among schools for having great food that is not your usual concession stand fare.

We need volunteers!  Interested in being active in the ACGC Booster Club?

Here is a general idea of what we do…

We meet once a month, usually on the first Wednesday of the month at the high school library.  Meetings last an average of 1 to 1 ½ hours. The length of the meeting depends on what is going on and if anyone has come to make a funding request.

Usually 2 or 3 times per year, we get together to prep the pork loins for the stand. (if you haven’t had one, you are missing out!  They are AMAZING!)

We all assist in operation of the concession stand.  Generally, one person will be scheduled to “open” and another to “close” the stand.  The opener makes sure that everything is ready to go and directs the volunteers to the different jobs.  The closer makes sure that everything is cleaned up and put away at the end of the event. We don’t do this alone!!  All of the people who volunteer to work at the stand assist in what needs to be done, and we have checklists to follow.  It is very helpful for those working at the stand to have someone be the “go to” person and direct traffic (so to speak).