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High School HVAC Improvements

The Guthrie Center School Board, on November 1st, approved a bid from Camblin Mechanical for $550,131 to replace three air handling units at the High School. These units are responsible for heating, cooling, and ventilation in the auditorium, office areas, and band room. This upgrade aims to create a comfortable and positive learning environment for our students and community for years to come. Construction is scheduled to start at the conclusion of this academic year and is expected to be completed before the start of the next school year.

High School Heating

As the temperatures dropped this past month, many of us dreadfully turned on the heat to our homes and businesses. Unfortunately, when we fired up the boilers at the High School we found out our heater exchanger, which involves hot water and steam, needs to be replaced. A replacement has been ordered and is expected to ship from the manufacturer on November 11th, with installation occurring soon thereafter. Currently our main air handling units are supplying all of the heat to our High School building, with electric heaters supplying an additional heat source to a few of our classrooms.

November 7th Election

On November 7th the Adair-Casey and Guthrie Center school district will have school board elections, along with a vote on the Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) for each district. Please see the information below on candidate and RPS voter information.

Adair- Casey (vote for two) Guthrie Center (vote for three)

AC-Randy Carney GC-Matt Van Meter

AC-Erica Tunink GC-Tate Stetzel

AC-Justin Crawford GC-Cara Underwood

AC/GC HS Band News- 

Three student athletes and marching band members were chosen to receive the WeAreIowa Fareway Game Ball (Friday Night Blitz, week 10) for their dedication and commitment to both of their teams:  Cross County and Marching Band.

Following their state cross country meet in Fort Dodge, these students came back in time to march with their other team on a different playing field for the state football playoff game that evening.  The Game Ball is awarded to student athletes who demonstrate achievement, dedication, and sportsmanship.  Congratulations to Andrew Mahaffey, Lance Bunde, and Emmarae Ellis!

Isabelle Rouse, senior trumpet, was selected to represent AC/GC HS and the state of Iowa at the 2023 National FFA Convention held in Indianapolis, IN.  Additionally, Isabelle earned the principal trumpet seat (first chair/section leader), and was awarded a solo part after auditioning Monday evening.  Isabelle is the daughter of Stuart and Jayne Rouse of Guthrie Center, IA.

-Submitted by Mrs. Kyra Babcock

Cross Country/Volleyball/Football

Congratulations to our boys’ and girls’ Cross Country teams who competed at the State Cross Country meet last Friday afternoon. On a cold and windy day, our boys finished in 2nd place, while the girls finished in 5th! A great ending to a very successful season!

Congratulations to the volleyball team who made it to the 2A Regional Final to take on a very good Dike-New Hartford team! A fun year full of wins and great competition! Congratulations girls on a great year!

Good luck to the Charger football team as they play for a trip to the semi-finals and UNI Dome tonight against the Madrid Tigers! Game time, 7:00 PM, at AC/GC High School. Go Chargers!

Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) Voter Information-

The Guthrie Center and Adair-Casey Board of Education is calling for an election on November 7, 2023, to ask the community to consider the approval of an updated Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) which outlines how the district utilizes Secure an Advanced Vision of Education (SAVE) funds. More commonly referred to as the penny sales tax, SAVE funds are utilized by districts to specifically support school infrastructure and technology needs. If voters approve the RPS in November, Adair-Casey and Guthrie Center will continue to be able to spend SAVE funds as Iowa law allows for the duration of the penny sales tax. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Revenue Purpose Statement?

In May of 2019, HF 546 was signed into law extending the Secure and Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) law through the calendar year 2050. SAVE allows school districts to borrow against statewide penny sales tax revenue to help fund school infrastructure projects.

Approving the proposed RPS will allow both districts to use future SAVE funds for school infrastructure and technology through calendar year 2050, when the SAVE law expires. It will not change the current sales tax rate. Citizens will continue to pay the one-cent sales tax even if the proposed RPS is not approved. 

Why is it important now?

Adair-Casey and Guthrie Center’s current Revenue Purpose Statement will expire in 2029. The district is seeking voter approval of a new RPS that would extend for the duration of the penny sales tax (SAVE) which is allowed by Iowa law through the year 2050.  

Will this raise taxes?

No, this will not raise taxes. Approving the Revenue Purpose Statement will allow the district to access future SAVE funds, but it will not change the current sales tax rate. The penny sales tax that funds SAVE will be collected across the state regardless of whether or not this measure is approved. This vote is in regards to how the district utilizes these funds. 

What have SAVE Funds been used for in the district?

The SAVE revenue has funded many key infrastructure and technology projects in the district, including: 

  • Technology infrastructure improvements

  • Student and staff technology devices

  • The addition of the High School weight room

  • GC Elementary HVAC and window updates

  • Adding rural water to the A-C Campus

  • Non-instructional software

  • Refinishing gym floors

What does the new Revenue Purpose Statement say?

The RPS specifies the use of funds Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) Fund, and is intended to be used in the following manner: 

  • To provide funds for property tax relief

  • To provide funds for technology infrastructure

  • To provide funds for school safety and security infrastructure

  • To provide funds to build, remodel, reconstruct, repair, improve, or demolish school buildings

  • To provide funds to purchase, lease, or lease-purchase buildings, equipment, or technology and to repair transportation equipment

  • To provide funds to implement energy conservation measures

  • To provide funds for emergency demolition, cleanup, and repairs due to natural disasters

  • To provide funds to establish and maintain public recreational areas and playgrounds

  • To provide funds for the payment of principal and interest or retirement of general obligation bonds issued for school infrastructure purposes and tax revenue bonds

  • To provide funds for other authorized purposes permitted by law

When will the Revenue Purpose Statement vote be held?

The election is set for November 7, 2023. A simple majority (50% + 1) is needed for the RPS to pass. For additional information on how to register to vote or your polling place, please visit the Iowa Secretary of State website. 

What if the Revenue Purpose Statement is not approved?

If the new RPS is not approved, the district will need to spend SAVE funds in a manner outlined in the SAVE fund legislation. A special ballot can be brought back to voters not less than six months after the previous election.

How can I learn more?

If you have a question about the Revenue Purpose Statement or vote on November 7, 2023, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 641-332-2972.

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