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Welcome New Board Members-

Congratulations to the newest additions to our boards! Guthrie Center CSD welcomes Cara Underwood and Tate Stetzel, while Adair-Casey CSD introduces Justin Crawford. We'd also like to extend our congratulations to our returning board presidents, Matt Van Meter and Randy Carney!

We'd like to offer our heartfelt appreciation and thank you to the departing board members for their dedication and service to the AC/GC Communities!

Tim Benson - 12 years of service for Guthrie Center CSD

Wanda Knobbe - 15 years of service for Guthrie Center CSD

Dallas Dinkla - 19 years of service for Adair-Casey CSD

We look forward to working with our new boards, completing the mission, vision, and values of our school districts!

Mission: Expect the Best, Every Charger, Every Day!

Vision: Cultivate each individual and unlock their full potential.

Values: Empower, Engage, Inspire

Thank you! 

Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS, Vote)- Thank you to the communities of Guthrie Center and Adair-Casey for approving the updated Revenue Purpose Statement for our SAVE funds! Achieving a 90% approval rate demonstrates the tremendous backing our communities provide to our students and schools. 

Thank you once more for your invaluable support!

Mr. Josh Rasmussen


AC/GC Schools