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December 1, 2023- Charger Update

Inclement Weather Plan

 As we see our temperatures drop this past week, I wanted to inform families of our process of closing schools in the case of inclement weather. The following plan was discussed and developed during our October administrative/department meeting. The purpose of this plan is to communicate a clear process to address early outs, late starts, and the cancellation of school. 

  • Decision Making Process

    • Superintendent will drive to check road/weather conditions.

    • Transportation directors will drive to check road/weather conditions. 

    • Area school superintendents will collaborate on road/weather conditions

    • Des Moines Weather Service briefings and alerts are used to help make decisions.

    • Collaboration with County Engineers and Adair-Guthrie County Emergency Management.

  • Notifications-

    • Infinite Campus- text, email, and phone.

    • Social Media- sent out by building principals through school social media accounts

    • Website- posted by technology coordinators. 

  • Media Outlets-

    • Stuart- KKRF- 107.9 FM

    • Atlantic- KSOM- 96.5 FM; KJAN- 1220 AM

    • Des Moines television stations

  • Timing of Notifications-

    • 5:30 - 5:45 am


Hard Surface Road Plan

Attached you will find the hard surface plan to prepare everyone for the event of a hard surface need in the future. The hard surface plan will only be used if an embargo or other weather related issue prevents us from running our buses on secondary gravel roads.

Please see the attached documents for the routes and times our buses will be available on the hard surface roads in both the Adair-Casey and Guthrie Center School Districts. Details will be communicated with parents and guardians through our Infinite Campus messaging system, the same way we communicate weather delays and cancellations. 

If you have any questions, contact Mr. Todd Batey, Transportation Director, or Mr. Dave Osen, Bus Supervisor, at the email and phone numbers below. 

Adair Casey- Mr. Todd Batey,, 641-746-3335.

Guthrie Center- Mr. Dave Osen,, 641-332-2236.

High School Heat Exchanger-

Replaced and working! With the lower temperatures this week, we are happy Carroll Control Systems replaced our heat exchanger so we have heat in the entire building at the High School!


AC/GC Career Opportunities- 

Food Service- AC Campus

 Paraprofessional- AC Campus

Please contact Mr. Ed Den Beste, A-C Elem/JH Principal, if you have any interest in the positions above!

Mr. Ed Den Beste

Tel: (641) 746-2241


Go Chargers!


Mr. Josh Rasmussen


AC/GC Schools